Hi! I’m Julius

Final Year “Creative Media (BA)” Student

Co-founder of the “Off the Cards Ltd”


I have an avid passion for all things inspired by creativity. Mainly, I’m immersed in Graphic Design, Photography, Video and UX related projects. My forte is embarking on user experience and brand identity projects.

I am currently studying at the Univerity of Worcester, School of Art and should graduate in a tick.

I’m also a digital content creator for “SusThingsOut.com” Digital Sustainability Magazine which is now getting more and more attention from the students on campus, thanks to our growing team. Spreading awareness about sustainability matters is just something that keeps me chuffed.

As a designer, I strive to offer what the client wants to gain, a functional and professional design solution.

My portfolio is really quite diverse in range containing everything from UX, 3D and Brand Identity Design to artwork I have simply created for university projects. I would prefer to let my work speak for itself so feel free to have a flick through.

My main skills include

  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Idea/Concept Development and Visualisation
  • Workload Management