D&AD New Blood Awards


Submission to the D&AD New Blood Awards Competition

Brief by Duolingo

2022 – Accademic Project

Brand Identity, Conception, Communication and Presentation of a Concept.


Duolingo is the world’s #1 language learning app – used by hundreds of millions of learners around the world. Their mission is to make language learning accessible to everyone for free, no matter who they are.

Duolingo takes their learning styles and uses AI to deliver a better learning experience.

The Challenge

No matter how fun it is, learning a language is a commitment. And the hardest part about learning is staying motivated.

So, how can Duolingo get learners to do their daily language lesson in an innovative way?

What gets people back into the daily habit of learning a language and keeps them there.



As cultural barriers seemed to prevent learners from discovering new and relevant words, cultures or even life-changing relationships, I decided to create a concept in which learners can connect in a new and exciting way.


The idea of “language dating”

No.1 Language Learning App
2nd Most Popular Dating App

Software used

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator