Mr. Robot


Title Sequence

2020 – Accademic Project

Motion & Sound Design, Visual Identity, Video Production & Editing.

This project was about the communication of a concept and an identity. I had to design and produce an opening motion graphics title sequence, which meant to demonstrate my understanding of image manipulation and compositing elements such as, animation, live-action, illustration, still images, and audio. 

Design Goals

The main point of all title sequences is to showcase the names of the cast and crew. However, in this project, my main objective was to keep the graphics and styling in line with a visual identity of the series whilst learning motion graphics and creating a title sequence for the show.


Main Font

The series had this 2000’s look and feel to it. Hence, I wanted the main font to remind about the low resolution screens and media from those times. So, I chose this quite silly but very unique “Glass TTY Medium” font. I thought it well reflected on the moodboard which I was using to define the style and tone of voice of the piece.

Software used

Adobe After Effects