Topped Off

E-Commerce Product

by Off the Cards.

Partner – Ivory

2022 – Personal Business

Brand Identity, Product Design, 3D Product Visualisation.

The Brand

Off the Cards is a brand that my business partner and I are currently establishing.

We aim to support the hosts of social gatherings who want to entertain their guests by helping them create fun experiences and memories.

The Project

The aim was to photograph our product for an e-commerce website.

By working with our suppliers “Ivory – Makers of Cards & Games”, I was able to design and visualise our concept before the physical prototypes have been delivered.

3D Product Visualisation

Real Product Photographs

Product Design

As the product is a drinking game, I chose to design it with keywords “Playful“, “Party“, “Friendly” and “Fun” in mind. These inspired the fonts and illustrations of the game.


3D Studio

To achieve such a photo-realistic look of my product shots, I have built a virtual photography studio in “Cinema 4D”. This allowed me to position lights, camera and products just like I would have done in a real photography studio.

Software used

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Cinema 4D