Wayland’s Yard

2019 – Academic Project

Client – Wayland’s Yard (Cafe)

Motion Design, Advert Design, Branding


The Client

Whether you are catching up with friends, need a game changing brunch, want a quick caffeine fix before catching the train or just a place to work on your latest project, they have you covered. 

The Project

This project was part of “Digital Design & Advertising” module in which I have been developing my typography, branding, advertising and graphic design skills.


The Challenge

Older students of my course, have re-designed the coffee cups that cafe uses for take-outs. Hence, my mission was to create a cinemagraph that would promote new design and raise brand awareness.

Due to COVID-19 global pandemic, the delivery of the actual tangible cups cups has been delayed and I couldn’t photograph them to make a traditional style cinemagraph.


The Solution

At the time, the only asset that was available to work with, was the image of the final design shown above. Hence, I have decided to use that image and create a 3D model which I could use in my cinemagraph.

To showcase that the cafe is located next to the Foregate Train Station in Worcester, it made sense to place the cup next to the rail tracks.

As the concept of a cinemagraph means that some parts of the image move in a loop and the rest stay still, I added the steam coming out of the cup. This subtle movement was just enough to lead an eye towards a new design and make the campaign stand out.


When designing content for various brands, I always use moodboards because they help me define the tone of voice, colour palette and the overall mood that my content should also convey.

Software used

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Dimension